**NOTE: These steps are verified and working,

By any chance you brick / damage your phone or suffer any kind of loss,

neither me and this website will be responsible.



Now if u wanna go to service center for any kind of isuue, u need to present them the phone in original state ? so what will you do? u need to flash the stock ROM / FIRMWARE.


** Fully Charge your mobile’s battery, or atleast 80%

** Backup any important data available on Memory Card [Not Necessary … but just in case]

**Odin3 v1.85 => DOWNLOAD

**Galaxy Y Stock Rom => Country Specific Collection Available Here [Thanks to Docky73 from XDA]

U can also get the stock ROM from SAMMOBILE.COM [but single flashable files – flashing method will be different]

**SAMSUNG MOBILE USB DRIVERS => Get them from HERE or Install KIES to get them automatically.

Step1.  Extract the stock ROM , you will find three files starting with PDA,Mobile and CSC

Step2.  Stop Samsung Kies [If Installed], After that Start Odin V1.85

Step3.   On bottom of right side , you will find 5 boxes asking for 5 files

  • PIT files
  • Boot Files
  • PDA
  • Modem or Phone files
  • CSC files

Leave PIT and BOOT files empty and select the other three files from Extracted original Stock ROM.

Step4.  For installing a new OS in your android smartphone you need to start your phone in the download MODE .Follow the steps below to open your phone in download mode :

  • Shut Down your Smartphone and wait a minute
  • Press three buttons simultaneously [Volume Down+HOME+Power Button] , press these three buttons until you get an android warning type of screen.
  • After this screen , press volume up to enter in Android OS installation mode or Download MODE .

Step5.  Connect your Smartphone with your PC via USB cable .

Step6.  You will see a yellow bar on the top left of ODIN showing this message 0:[COMxx]  in the IDCOM area.

Step7.  You need to repeat Step 4 and Step 5 until you get a yellow message on the left top of ODIN

[This yellow bar indicated that your smartphone is connected to PC and is ready to be flashed]

Step8.  If you see a yellow bar on the top Left Odin , then press start to start flashing your Galaxy Y .

It will take around 5-10 minutes to complete the installation process .You will see a Green PASS bar on the top left of ODIN Software indicating the completion of Installation .  Smartphone will reboot itself after the installation .

**** if it stuck (example boot animation loop) then:-

remove battery
resinsert battery, wait 30 sec

Start the phone in Recovery mode (hold power button + volume up + home
button together, when the phone starts to boot, release the power

button, and when the recovery menu comes quickly release the home

button first and then Volume UP button at last.).

select wipe data/factory reset (Vol UP/Down + Home)

select reboot system now

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40 Responses to “HOW TO FLASH STOCK ROM IN GALAXY Y S5360”

  1. kamal says:

    Thank you for the instructiond and correct stock rom giving me

  2. Kashif Khoso says:

    Thank you so much sir.. :)

    I found you guide easy to understand and quick.. I successfully flashed to stock ROM.

  3. vamsi says:

    Sir can I fill the 5 boxes
    Boot files
    By filling these 5 boxes is there any problem

    It is necessary to fill only the 3 boxes
    .thanx in advance

    In xda forums all are saying that you have yo fill the.5 options

    • AdMiN says:

      Myself and so many others have made tests By using three files and everything works fine, there i no risk,

      if u have all the five files matching handset details, u can use them ..

      but why to take risk if the work is done using three files only .

      By the way, this method is also mentioned in XDA, i got this from there and this works flawlessly.

  4. shivam says:

    is it necessary to flash custom roms through cwm recovery ?
    what will happen to my phone if i jst flash a custom rom through stock recovery mode ?

    • AdMiN says:

      You Might end up getting a boot loop if flash through stock recovery.
      Chances of success are more using CWM as it is advanced recovery system.

      • shivam says:

        can u tell me the simple steps to put jelly bean rom into my galaxy y ?
        once i have tried it but my phone was unable to complete the boot loop and get stuck on the opening logo of my galaxy y.
        i have read many developers articles but i’m little bit confused in between stock and cwm recovery modes.
        i want easy and exact directions.
        the rom file that i have downloaded is with the name “ussrv4″.

  5. Mubeen says:

    I do all the steps right . When i click start flashing it proceeds but stops on ‘Setup connection’ and there is one more problem. I live in pakistan and i cannot find any stock Rom for pakistan but single flash-able files are available
    cannot u tell me how to unbrick through single flash-able files

    • AdMiN says:

      try to put ur data cable in other USB port
      make sure the PORT box is yellow and shows port number.

      u can use INDIAN rom to flash ur phone, i think that will work.

  6. shivam says:

    can u tell me the simple steps to put jelly bean rom into my galaxy y ?
    once i have tried it but my phone was unable to complete the boot loop and get stuck on the opening logo of my galaxy y.
    i have read many developers articles but i’m little bit confused in between stock and cwm recovery modes.
    i want easy and exact directions.

  7. Kiran Kumar says:

    Hi, i tried all the above steps & even the final step “If it stuck”. but nothing is happening….what shud i do?

  8. chaitanya says:

    sir ,
    after doing this method can i get back my warranty….???

  9. gaurav says:

    friends please help me i have installed a jellybean rom in my galaxy y and now i want to remove it and back to my original phone please tell me how it could be doneplzzzzz

  10. Waqas says:

    sir Im from pakistan ! i dont know which rom should i use ! if indian ?? then there are 3 different indian roms pls help !

  11. dawood says:

    hi i want DDKK1 please help me out

  12. Ravi says:

    sir i tried given instructions but process doesnt increases it is stucked at setup connection

  13. kartik says:

    My phone has stuckd by installing coruptd lcd density file. By instalng the original rom can i regain my mobile?

  14. Sachin says:

    Is it necessary to install samsung usb driver??

  15. Sachin says:

    Thanks a lot sir!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Wasif says:

    does it work in Pakistan…………….

  17. Wasif says:

    It is asking about pit file……….

  18. Wasif says:

    Can’t open the specified file. (Line: 1876)

  19. karthik says:

    100 % working i prefer every one can thrust this .thanks for ur help. i have successfully come back to original os. ur description is very detailed i give 5/5 rating for ur block. sorry for my english

  20. Gopal says:

    It works correctly as mentioned. Though I am facing some issue with the data connectivity. Is it some thing related to the installation. Before this I was using a custom Rom and my data connectivity was fine but now it’s not connecting to data packets.

  21. Gaurav says:

    I am not understanding this steps or may be i misunderstood i am very thankful if u tell me 1 by step in easy method pls im begging

  22. ravi says:

    Hi mine s galaxyy s5360.i was in a Cod rom n before that forgot to backup my stock rom. So to get back to stock , i did flashing stock rom through CWM Recovery using my friends backup data. My question s by this rom
    can i get back my warranty???.

    Please anyone as i need to take my fone to service center..

    Thanks in advance.

  23. Praveen says:

    After Start it is taking too much time in setting and it is showing its failed..
    Please any one give suggestion ASAP….


  24. deb says:

    after installing a new rom, my galaxy y stuck up in boot screen. it is not going into recovery mode. odin is not recognising the device. what should i do now?

  25. Amandeep says:

    i have followed all the correctly and sequentially. But after completing all the steps in the end, instead of green, there is red bar on the top left of odin and it says FAIL!
    can you please help me out of this ??

  26. Sravan says:

    Thank you. Its worked for me.

  27. Ratnesh says:

    It is stuck on setup connection.. What shld i do now.. plzz help me.. plzz

  28. Amar says:

    It’s very gud site nd all things r very detailed to b done in only 5-10 minutes..thnk a lot!!

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